Paul Sprawl was born and raised where desert meets ocean in Southern California. He picked up a guitar at eight, the same age he bought his first BB King record and turntable. He studied music and film at UC San Diego and Cal Arts before developing into a desert nomad and full-time traveling troubadour in 1997.

While circling around the US for two decades, it was always the Southwest that made it into his song-writing, probably from taking days off the interstate and onto blue highways to play and cook outdoors under the night sky. Along with the vast terrain of the open road came the characters of US desert culture. He's given voice to some in his writing and like country blues players before him, his guitar often provides a subtext to their stories. 

Five years ago he found a patch of beautiful land in the Chihuahan Desert near Big Bend National Park with his artist wife, where he records on sunshine in his off-grid recording studio. After decades of non-stop North American touring, these days he plays more where he lives, usually migrating to escape the Summer heat.

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