I was a local musician in 50 different towns... Now what?

27 years ago, determined to be a full-time artist, I quit my last day job and have been that full-time music maker ever since. I quickly got a record deal with a company that funded a recording I couldn't have afforded on my own. When the company didn't bother to market the album, or even communicate with me, I decided to tour around the country anyway. I was successful enough to keep touring for decades. I loved it! Although I never tired of it, there was no business help. It was all I could do to write songs, record them, book 8-10 months of shows per year and be out on the road all over North America and Western Europe playing music for people. I didn't do much to stay in touch with my audience, other than show up once or twice a year to play music for them. It was just me!

I'm trying a new approach. More recording and marketing, less touring. It's a little scary. I'm used to lots of traveling and lots of shows in lots of places.

Dig down deep. Be your soul's dark knight.

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